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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Together, I came up with three favorites:

Together: Man and Wild

Photo taken on safari in Tanda Tula Private Reserve, South Africa.

Together: Animal and Bridge

Photo taken in rural Nepal along Annapurna trek.

Together: Live scorpions and cook.

Photo taken in Beijing, China at Street Market. These babies are fried live on a stick and eaten with vigor.


    • Ha Ha… are indeed right. I adore seahorses so can’t imagine eating them. Then again, scorpions have such an awful sting. Wow, crazy stuff you see when you travel, right!

  1. The animal on the bridge speaks to me. We all have to cross over a bridge at some point by ourselves not knowing whether we are going to fall in or make it smoothly across the first time around.

    • Wonderful point! I think of all the bridges I’ve crossed and am only 40. Still many more to follow. Thanks for making me look at this photo in a new light!

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