Paris Metro

I adore the Parisian metro signs. One day I hope to take a photo of each and every one of them and make a gigantic collage. Here is one I saw near Bastille.

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Through the Window of Freedom

Ellis Island, NYC

Photo looking out of past Immigration Center at Ellis Island in New York City with the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Tukuls and Cactus

Ethiopian Tukul

Tukels are traditional Ethiopian homes. I captured these tukuls and cactus driving through the Rift Valley from Addis Ababa to Hawassa.

Ethiopian farmer

Rural Ethiopia

I was in rural Ethiopia visiting a Lie and Wait house for expectant mothers and saw this farmer tending his plot. I asked him by showing him my camera and smiling (since I don’t speak Amharic) if I could take his photo, and he happily obliged.

Mother and Daughter

Ethiopian Woman

I met this beautiful Ethiopian mother at a Lie and Wait House where she waited with her daughter below who was days within giving birth. In rural Ethiopia, some women are hours on foot from the nearest midwife or hospital. The lie and wait house is a place where woman can wait to deliver and be near a health care facility. It has saved many lives.

Ethiopian woman

I was in Ethiopia in June as a reporting fellow with the International Reporting Project.

Ethiopian Weaver


I met this beautiful woman at Project Mercy in rural Ethiopia. She and her friends were spending the afternoon together weaving bowls and baskets to sell to raise funds for Project Mercy which helps the local community with education and much needed access to healthcare.

The Red Car in Trinidad

Red Vintage car Trinidad Cuba

Red Vintage car Trinidad Cuba

I saw this gorgeous vintage pre-Cuban Revolutionary American car in fabulous Trinidad, Cuba, a UNESCO World Heritage City. For me, it captured Cuba at its finest.

On the Sidewalk in Centro Habana

Centro Habana Cuba

Photo taken in Centro Habana Cuba.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Havana Cuba

We were touring the largest, masterful cemetery in Havana, The Colon Cemetery, where I spotted this man etching the details on a gravestone.

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Contemplating Life in Plaza des Armas

Woman in Plaza des Armas Havana

I saw her sitting on a nearby bench in Havana’s Plaza des Armas, reflecting and contemplating. I wonder what was on her mind?


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