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The Variations in Valparaiso’s Street Art

There is no city on earth as filled with street art as Valparaiso, Chile. Known as one of the best street art cities in South America and perhaps the world, Valparaiso or simply “Valpo” as the locals call it, is unbelievable. Walking through its windy maze of streets, every free space on the sides of houses, buildings, garages, doors and even staircases, is painted in art. The variation in art is what makes it so incredible too. Every work of art is unique, so unique that it can become somewhat of an obsession trying to track each mural down to see it. Here are a few of my most favorite pieces.

Valparaiso’s grittiness, seasonal fog, run-down 19th century, colorful corrugated-iron mansions and stray dogs make a sharp juxtaposition to its world-class vibrant street art that seems to cover every single free wall, staircase and building in the city. It is literally a walking museum of art and for that reason, has an unexpected charm that is hard to shake. As a street art lover, I knew that I would be in paradise and Valparaiso did not disappoint. – Excerpt from my recent post on Third Eye Mom

More street art coming soon on my main blog, Third Eye Mom. Stay tuned!

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme. 


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  2. I was fortunate to visit Valpo a few years back and it definitely left its impression on me. Thanks for the throwback on this Friday afternoon – that country will always have a special place in my heart. ❤

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