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Welcome to the “Bold North” Minnesota

As a travel blogger, I realize that I rarely share much at all about my hometown of Minneapolis. Despite being known for the cold, long, brutal winters, Prince, and the recent host of the Super Bowl, Minnesota actually boasts over 15,000 lakes in the state. It is also home to one of the largest federally protected wilderness areas in the United States, the 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area (BWCWA). The BWCWA is one of the most pristine wilderness areas I have ever visited and its extraordinary beauty and tranquility is unequal to any place I’ve been outside of remote Patagonia.

I looked over the seven-year history of my blog, thirdeyemom, and found that I do have a handful of posts written over the years on Minnesota and Minneapolis. It is a beautiful place with tons of culture, restaurants, parks, nature and great values. While our heritage is strongly Scandinavian (there are tons of Swedes and Norwegians here), we also are the proud home of many thriving immigrant communities from all over the world. Many people think of Minnesota as simply “flyover land” which is simply not true. However, if you don’t like the cold then it is best to come in Spring, Summer or Fall.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos which highlight the beauty of my city and state. Hope you enjoy!

Ely, Minnesota

Ely Minnesota

Ely MinnesotaEly MinnesotaEly MinnesotaEly Minnesota

Grand Portage, Minnesota

Grand Portage, Minnesota

Lutsen, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MNLake Harriet, Minneapolis, MNLake Harriet, Minneapolis, MNLake Harriet, Minneapolis, MNLake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

Winter in Minneapolis

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MNIn case you are curious to learn more about Minnesota, check out these posts here.

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide.  


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  2. It’s funny that the more I travel the world, the more I am drawn to the beauty that was near my own backyard. I remember thinking of the Midwest as B-O-R-I-N-G as a kid but you’ve shown me yet again how much beauty is on offer there 😍

    • Oh thanks Lisa! Yes we do have beauty all around us. A lot of times I get bored with living here for so long but when I capture these photos I remember how lovely and truly special it is. 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting some wonderful photos of our home state. So many who live there don’t realize the true gift they have been granted with having nature out their back door. We have some wonderful treasures in our state the BWCA is one of them!

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