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Lift your face to the sky

“Life your face to the sunshine and you cannot see any shadows” – Helen Keller

These photos remind me of the beauty and light of the amazing world we live in. Taken in the Condoriri Valley last year in Bolivia, the photos fill me with joy and peace. I hope to get back to the mountains sometime soon. There are many mountains awaiting me to climb.

Condoriri Valley, Bolivia

Condoriri Valley, Bolivia


  1. I got pulled in here from the blog on “How blogs got their site title” I was intrigued by the way you got yours. On reflection it is such a good name.
    And incidentally, India can feel overwhelming for people caught unawares!! I should know. I’m Indian but settled in the Gulf and every time I go back home for a vacation it’s a culture shock!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ve learned so incredibly much since that trip 7 years ago to India. I am really hoping to go back someday and truly explore India for a month. It will be a while but I have found it one of the most fascinating places I’ve been. Thanks for your comment!

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