the thirdeyeworld

The Fading Light

I caught a glimpse of the fading light

The last bit of color from a fall’s delight

The pale blue horizon and lackluster sky

As the last lonely leaves fall before my eyes.


What will I miss most of autumn’s retreat?

Will it be the sound of crackling leaves beneath my feet?

Or the whimsical tapestry of yellow, orange and red

That will be left behind when the leaves are all dead.


Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN


Will it be the sound of the birds singing a sweet lullaby?

Or the fresh scent of the air on a warm September night?

The gray and red squirrels frantically scrambling away

To bury their acorns for a cold winter’s day.


As the days become shorter and darker too soon

I will hold within my memory all those hot days in June

Keeping happy thoughts of renewal inside my heart

and before I know it Spring will start.



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