the thirdeyeworld

Above the Clouds

I have never experienced utter peace and solitude until the moment I was above the clouds.

To look down upon the earth, from my rocky perch of tranquility

and see the endless whirls of pinkish-gold and white cotton candy clouds

made me momentarily think of being in Heaven and taking in the view below.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


I sat there in awe and wonder, contemplating how it was possible for such surreal beauty to exist

in a world full of so much splendor and so much dark, deep pain

that continually fills my soul with contradiction

wondering how it can ever be possible to accept the way things are and aren’t.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


At that moment in time I realized how small I truly am, just one person, one soul

in the magnitude of this earth and this time

For this moment shall soon pass by and remain only as a memory within my mind

and my time here will be as short as a blink of the eye.


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania



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