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  1. Yes! I have grown up around lakes– in Wisconsin and now in New England. In summer there is no better place to be! May these lakes stay free of milfoil and razor clams and other invasive species!
    Gorgeous photos. We also happen to be lovers of Nepal– I lived there (for the first time) between 1979 and 1980. (The country has changed a lot since those days!)

    • Sorry for the delayed response! I haven’t checked this blog since today! (My main blog is thirdeyemom). How wonderful that we share a love for Nepal! I can only imagine what it must have been like back in 1979. I bet it was so different yet amazing too. I didn’t find it too overrun with tourists compared to others places I’ve been but I bet compared to 1979 it would be. Have you been back to Nepal since then?

      • Yes– I lived in Nepal in 1979 and 1980, and again in 1983. The last time was from 1985 into 1986. I would so love to go back but am also a bit afraid to see how much has changed. I was there before there was a road from Pokhara to Mustang and when much of the ring road around Kathmandu was still surrounded by rice fields. But in spite of the changes, I’m sure that the wonderful spirit of Nepal and her people continue today.

      • Wonderful! What were you doing there? Have you written about it on your blog? Sounds like a lot has changed indeed. And now they are opening up the Mustang to tourism. I haven’t been that far yet but not sure if it is good to change such a special remote place.

      • Now it’s my turn to apologize for my late reply! I did post an excerpt from a letter I wrote in 1985 called “Letter from Kathmandu” on my blog. I’ve wanted to post more about that time, but I always include photos with my posts. Unfortunately, I only have slides from my years in Nepal and I have not taken the time to convert them to a digital format. I started out in Nepal as a student and forged many connections from there. How did you first go there?

      • Pretty cool! I went with my dad to do the Annapurna Trek in 2010 and that is how I fell in love with Nepal and became inspired to start my blog! 🙂

      • Lucky you– the Annapurna trek is lovely. Before the road went in to Mustang, I trekked from Manang over the Thorang-la and down the Kaligandaki. It was magical. No cars, only Tibetan ponies with bells.
        I think even if one doesn’t return, Nepal continues to touch you forever.

      • I hate the road they are building. We could see it alongside across the valley from our trail. We heard that many workers die there too. They only wear flipflops, no helmuts or sunglasses or any type of safety stuff. Sad. But you are right, Nepal continues to touch the soul despite its slow pace of modernization. 🙂

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