the thirdeyeworld

The blue of Annecy

Lying 60km to the south of Lake Geneva, Annecy is one of the most beautiful and popular resort towns of the French Alps. We only drove through on our way to Geneva but so how I wished we had time to stop and hit the beach. Next time…



    • It looked amazing. I wanted to jump out of the van so bad. We only got to stop for a quick baguette and I snapped this photo. Tons of people were on the beach as it was early August, the middle of holidays. Oh….someday! I would really also like to truly explore Italy. I’ve been there four times but always either skiing or to places like Florence, Venice and Rome. Never anywhere like you live. 🙂

    • Ah, you are making me smile! 🙂 Well, lots of these pics are from years of travel, if that makes you feel better. Now I’m home in MN watching the ground turn brown. But happy to use my photos to brighten my and other people’s day! 🙂

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