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J’adore cheese and found myself in heaven during a week-long stay in the French Alps. Hiking and eating as much fromage as possible! Here is some local cheese from Savoie for sale at a farmer’s market. I could have bought it all!

This post is in response to Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post: Delicious. To see more entries, click here.


  1. jakesprinter

    Great work for this week theme I`m a cheeze eater too, I want to grab one in your post lol, Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

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      • Jo Bryant

        From 1984-87 then again for 9 months in 1992/3. My children’s Dad is Dutch. I loved it there and I miss the food like crazy still after all these years. I was homesick for The Netherlands when we left and went to live in Australia…people thought that was weird….but I love the community of the place. I never had that in Australia.

      • thirdeyemom

        Wow, how cool! I love Dutch cheese too and the Dutch people are really friendly and fun, just like the Aussies! 🙂

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