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Urban Energy

Photo taken at Times Square in New York City, August 2012.

For someone who loves cities, there is no place on earth like New York. I was there for a short three day blogging conference back in early August and could hardly stand its aura that was calling me to sneak out of the sessions early and go do what any true blogger would do: Explore.

I wandered through Midtown, making a special trip up to “The Top of the Rock” and then moved on over to the bright lights, honking horns and pure energy of Times Square. Wow. I could have stood there all day just taking it all in. The energy, excitement, movement, noise and people. It was a sensory overload and such a great difference to my home town of Minneapolis (a nice city in its own right but nothing like NYC).

I am heading back to the Big Apple in a month to attend the UN Summit on Social Good. I can hardly wait!

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban. To read more entries, click here.

Also, please see my latest entry on thirdeyemom about lovely Savoie, a spectacular region in France where I had the honor of trekking through the majestic, glorious French Alps!


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  2. This captures the hurry and bustle of people’s daily lives. People, cars, buses, along with street advertisements the everyday life in the City that never sleeps. I like this photo very much. It show “Urban” in busy times. Well done!!

    • Oh thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate it! I actually have already done this award so I will let your other nominees dive in and get some recognition. Thank you so much for nominating me. I truly appreciate and am so glad you like my blog! 🙂 Nicole

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    • Wow! It is time for a visit unless you hate crowds! Ironically enough I can’t stand crowds and have never been to the Minnesota State Fair which is very odd for a Minnesotan. But when I travel, I can deal. Hope you make it there soon!

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