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A motorbike for three

Photo taken near Delhi, India.

I am always inspired by modes of transportation and especially found it fascinating in Nepal and India. Given the heavy price of vehicles and enormous population, it is no wonder that many chose to cram as many people as possible into buses, cars and motorbikes. Oftentimes I’d see entire families with babies and kids all jammed onto one motorbike. Not sure how safe it is especially without helmets but it is the world we live in where sometimes this is the only option to get around.


    • Ah…it is always the women who bear the hardships right? Like the poor hiking shoes (plastic backless sandals) in Guatemala while the men wore sneakers. I would love to go to Phuket!!!!

  1. Very common here Nicole. Can you imagine travelling long distances, all jammed like that, on a motorbike, in this punishing heat?
    I saw an ingenious motorbike with a cantilevered umbrella cover in rural China which provided much needed shade!!

    • I can’t imagine. I was so shocked to see how people travel there especially on the trucks and buses. All over the place. I would think it is dangerous but again, understand that oftentimes it is the only choice. Yes, no shade or cover would be horrible as well as no helmets.

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