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A testament of love

In response to Jakesprinter’s Sunday post with the theme of “solid” I couldn’t think of anything more solidly built and beautiful than India’s beloved Taj Mahal. A true testament of beauty, labor and love, this breathtaking structure was built in record time taking only twenty years to build using spectacular white marble and thousands of workers and artisans. It is one of the most impressive masterpieces in the world.  Although the journey there was backbreaking and treacherously awful, when we finally arrived and I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time, it took my breathe away. He must have really loved his wife to build such an amazing testament of love.

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    • Thanks! The journey there was crazy. It is not far from Dehli (less than two hour drive) but due to the insane traffic (you’ve got all sorts of crazy transportation going on….camels pulling three-lane wide loads, cows hanging out, cars packed with 20 people, etc) it took 5 hours there and 6 hours back!!!! There is a train ride there but looking back, the drive there was more meaningful as what I saw in that amount of time was amazing. Wow. India is quite a place! 🙂

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