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Storm approaching across the way

Lake Superior is one of the largest lakes in the world. It is one of the Great Lakes and is an important shipping port for many of Minnesota’s products. It is so large at points that you cannot see the other side. It looks like a grand ocean. Yet you are fooled when you remember that it is simply a lake albeit a big one.

Photo taken looking over the North Shore of Lake Superior in early June as a storm was approaching. Apparently there has been so much rain in that area that two weeks later, many of the roads are flooded and closed.


  1. That’s a wonderful shot, Nicole – the storm clouds and rain-burst vying with those wonderful precambrian rocks for our attention. Sorry: the lake doesn’t get a look in, for me, except as a conduit leading to that rain patch:)

    • Thanks! It is hard to be hot when you have no where to cool down! We have plenty of lakes for that! Today is gorgeous and the beach is in order after all the rain we’ve had!

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