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June roses at the Rose Garden

Greetings from Minnesota…wish you were here to smell the roses!

Photos taken yesterday at Lake Harriet Rose Garden in Southwest Minneapolis. They have finally bloomed!


  1. So you reckon these two were the best smilers? I must say the old fashioned two-tone raspberries and cream is the most gorgeous thing, with its rosy tipped buds and blowsy voluptuous petals. Gorgeous:)

    • I’m not exactly sure why I chose them, especially since I had about 50 pictures of roses! I guess I loved the colors, shapes and overall feeling of the photos. I’m obsessed with roses. They are so incredibly beautiful, so delicate and smell so insanely heavenly!

      • There’s such variety, too. If you don’t go for the modern, florists bud shaped varieties, there are the overblown old fashioneds, or the singles .. and as you say, always, the perfume.

        By the way I see the auto correct took offence at my word “smellers” and guessed I meant smilers … oh well, I should have been looking more closely – sorry to have posted such a confusing message:)

      • No worries! Half the time I’m writing and responding in such a hurry and on my tiny iPhone that I’m sure the autocorrect gets me too! 🙂 I hate that microscopic thing but it is handy when I’m at the park or something! 🙂

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