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My magnificent backyard lake

Ok….I’m stealing my thunder a bit from tomorrow’s post on thirdeyemom which will feature these two photos along with a couple more that I took today during my run around Lake Harriet. But they are so sensational that I had to share here too and before I finish my other post.


Pictures like these remind me why I live here! I love my lake!


  1. It’s like a mirror, reflecting everything around it – very atmospheric. And two very different faces: one way out in the wilderness, the other part of our modern world. For once I prefer the latter. It’s a very evocative shot, Nicole – I’d like to join that Yacht Club, or at least go for a sail out into that quite spooky distance …

    • Thanks! I love these pictures. I am obsessed with clouds and reflections. I was so excited when I got these photos and saw how the light played out too. My favorite is the one with the boat too! 🙂

      • You can’t right? I am really looking forward to the summer. It is a special time to spend with the kids and just kick back and enjoy being outside. 🙂

      • I was trying to imagine just one image to describe all that activity and movement, and travel! I’m looking forward to the pictures, Nicole. But you kick back and have a great time (I know you’re not interested in lying back and relaxing!):)

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