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The Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s official Photo Challenge is a fitting topic: Summer. Here in the US, Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick-off to summer and we are already on a great summer streak with flowers in full bloom and hot, summery days making us forget that it is still only May. I selected one photo for the challenge that to me represents one of my most favorite things about summer: Late night sunsets.

Photo taken last summer around nine o’clock at my friends cabin in Siren, Wisconsin.

Summer means sunsets. Staying up till almost ten until the sun finally dips below the horizon casting its brilliant, magical spell of oranges, reds, pink, and purples. Every night is a different sunset reminding us of the true beauty of nature at its finest hour.

To see more entries to this week’s photo challenge click here.


    • Thanks! It was such luck as I used to just see something and point and shoot. Now I actually think about it! I’m looking forward to our trip there again so I can get more sunset shots! I loved the dock in it too.

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