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The lovely urban creek

Greetings from Minnesota…wish you were here!

Photo of the Minnehaha Creek a few blocks away from my home which is part of my running path to the lake. This river also drains into the Mississippi River.

I love this creek. It is so beautiful and changes so much throughout the seasons. The kids love to play around in it and throw sticks inside. Often there are a pair of ducks and if you go further down you can even find crawfish. Sometimes you can see a bald eagle or an owl among the tall trees which line the creek. I love this photo taken a couple of weeks ago at the onset of Spring. The creek is coming back to life and its greenery takes your breath away.


    • Yes we are lucky! Minnesota is such a beautiful place and the city itself is spectacular. We have boundless lakes, creeks, biking trails and parks (one every 6 blocks). It is a nice place to live despite the cold winters!

  1. My Dad has a creek running along his backyard and as a child I would spend many afternoons playing down there. Once I found a floating mannequin and I thought it was a real body,scared the living daylights out of me. I couldn’t go back down there for weeks or alone!

    • Now that is a bit creepy! We lived in a house before this one that had two mannequins sitting out front dressed in odd clothes. They always creeped me out. I wonder who on earth would put on in a creek!!!!

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