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Himalayan Magic

Greetings from Nepal….wish you were here!
Photo taken along the Annapurna Trek in Nepal. 2010. 
Nepal is one of those places that I will never ever forget.  It is so breathtakingly beautiful.  This photo was taken in Manang, Nepal a lovely village with bakeries and trekkers galore.  A place I’d love to go back to someday.


      • You mean the darkness of the rocky mountains, or the clouds, or the atmospheric darkness? I think what I love, even more than the sun spotlighting those peaks, is the snowdrift blowing from the top of the mountains. That was a precursor to bad weather, wasn’t it?

      • The darkness of the clouds was what I played around with. It was morning and the sun was rising over the mountains causing the gorgeous snowdrift coming. Actually this was right after the only bad weather day we had in two weeks! It was after a day of snow so maybe the snow was dusting off the peaks? Thanks for enjoying the pic! I’m trying to play around more with my photos to see what I can come up with!!!

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