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Guatemalan Highland Flower

Greetings from the Highlands of Guatemala….wish you were here!

Photo taken outside of Zunil, Guatemala, in the mountains.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I adore flowers. Their incredible beauty always inspires me and warms my soul. I found this pretty flower up in the mountains near Zunil. I thought it was so creamy white and pure. The elevation is high and I am not sure what kind of flower this is. But it sure is lovely.


  1. I didn’t realize it grew so high in the mountains, but I shouldn’t be surprised that the calla, or arum lily (botanical name unpronounceable, for me) where it would be found growing wild, given its wide geographic spread, fro the Americas, to Africa. It must have been magnificent, and sp surprising, to see that pristine white flower thrust up above the soil. Lucky you.

    • Thanks! I thought it was some kind of lily. I’m trying to learn more of my flower and plant names, especially since I like them so much! I actually saw this lily at the hot springs where it was quite tropical in flora and fauna but quite high in altitude and cold. Strange, huh?

      • Wonderful anomaly of nature – tropics with altitude. If you want to become well versed in recognising and naming plants, the trick is to learn the latin names so there’s no confusion. As I said, your specimen is known by two ‘common’ names, so that if someone didn’t know the second name, and you used this name in identifying the plant, they wouldn’t know that you were speaking of the Zantedeschia (I looked it up, and I was wrong, it’s not so unpronounceable!). a genus in the Arum (Araceae family – one of the most widespread families) family comprising six species of rhizome rooted perennials from southern Africa. So! Your beauties have escaped from a garden somewhere and gone rogue! I know that’s way more information than you were thinking of, but to me that’s interesting – sorry:)

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