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Guatemalan “Gigantes”

Greetings from Antigua….wish you were here!

Photo taken in Antigua, Guatemala March 2012. 

Many Spanish festivals include costumed figures known as gigantes y cabezudos, roughly, “Giants and Big-Heads”. The main feature of these figures is typically their papier macho head; bodies are covered in clothing matching the costume’s theme. (Wikipedia).

I saw my first colorful, festive gigantes in Antigua standing calmly in the sun outside a church.  Their gorgeous colors reflected the brilliantly, colorful time of year, Semana Santa.   Gigantes are used throughout Guatemala during festivals and celebrations and the tradition dates back to the Spanish.


    • Wow, thank you Jennifer! You are so thoughtful! I have done this before too yet will try to think of a way to do it again (I have never done it on this blog though). Give me a few days!!! 🙂

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