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The ruins of El Carmen

Greetings from Antigua….wish you were here!

Photos above of the ruins of El Carmen in Antigua, Guatemala and the Mayan handicraft market outside the steps of the ruins. 

I was amazed by the spectacular ruins in Antigua.  A devastating earthquake in 1717 destroyed over 3,000 buildings and many of the churches were left in ruins.  They were rebuilt yet the ruins remain behind the new buildings.  Another earthquake struck again in 1773 forcing the capital city to move to Guatemala City.  Antigua received its name then, meaning “The Old Guatemala”.

History of the ruins of El Carmen:

Source: Viaje a Guatemala

It was founded in honor of Our Lady of El Carmen. The required permits were issued in 1638.

The original temple did not have the minute details of the second building, erected after the earthquake of 1717.

The building was finished in 1728 but succumbed to the earthquakes of 1773. The stucco façade, however, survives today.

The façade, just as those of other churches, is the home of birds that add life to its impressive presence during the day.


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