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In the eye of the volcano

Greetings from Antigua…wish you were here!

Photo taken the morning of my departure of Antigua of the active volcano, Fuego, erupting off in the distance.

I only had a day and a half in lovely, picturesque Antigua, which is perhaps one of the most photogenic cities in the world. I spent my time wisely with fellow blogger and friend Lucy Brown, a resident, Photographer and Travel Writer. We both took hundreds of photos on Saturday yet the weather was overcast and I had yet to see the peaks of the three surrounding volcanoes.

Sunday morning as I was leaving town, the clouds finally cleared and I was able to see all three volcanoes. On the way out of town Lucy called to tell me that the nearby active volcano, Fuego (located 13 k west of town) was in the process of erupting! We pulled over and I witnessed this impressive explosive event. I took several pictures but found this one the best because it has the volcano shooting off in the distance past the ruins. Antigua has been struck by many devastating earthquakes and volcanoes leaving the city in ruins to be rebuilt again, even more impressive than before. Perhaps that is what makes Antigua so incredibly unique and beautiful. The contrast of the ruins and the relatively recent rebuilding of cathedrals right next to each other.


  1. I’m glad you got a great shot of it Nicole! As you say, it looks even more impressive with the ruins in the foreground but how did you take it from so high up? Did you climb onto Jorge’s car?

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