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Clouds, earth and sky on Volcan Santa Maria

Greetings from Guatemala….wish you were here!


Photo taken at noon on top of Santa Maria volcano in Xela, Guatemala

I love this photo of the brownish colored ground against the low-lying clouds of the volcano. I took it right after the nearby volcanic eruption of our neighboring volcano, just as the clouds began to form and block our spectacular view of Xela far below. We were so lucky to have a clear day! Otherwise all the hard work and effort of climbing up this strenuous, pointy volcano at 5 am would have been worthless! I am so glad I captured all these lovely views, including a short video of the volcano erupting.


    • Thank you!!!! I need to adjust it so it covers the whole page like the other photos but I’m away and using my iPAD so it is not as easy. I am sure it will look even better when it is fixed!!!! Guatemala is very photogenic!

    • Thanks! I just returned from Guatemala and I took at least 800 pictures. It was amazingly photogenic and very beautiful. I am away this weekend and using my iPad to put in the photos so this one actually needed to be full size, across the screen. It will look even better when I fix it! Yes, of course, I’d be interested in sharing my photos with anyone. That is why I take them. I love traveling and seeing the uniqueness of the world. Thus please let me know. I have many more! 🙂 Nicole

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