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Hanging village

Greetings from Nepal…wish you were here!

Photo taken somewhere along the Annapurna trek in Nepal.  November 2011. 

By this point in the trek, we’d been walking for eight days from our starting point and the nearest road to civilization.  I remember passing through this hanging village in the middle of nowhere and wondering would it would be like to live in such an incredibly remote place.

I love how the browns of the buildings blend into the barren landscape.  However the view looking towards where I took this picture was astounding.  The snow-capped Himalayas beckoned and are in my opinion the most remarkable mountain range on earth.


  1. I also think the same way every time I see a village which is so remote and hard to access from anywhere. But that proves how extraordinarily tough and adaptable people can be.

    • Thanks Heather! I feel so inspired after my recent trip! Lucy taught me a lot about photoshooting and we spent hours taking pictures! I am by no means “good” yet I am embracing the joy of learning! Antigua is such a photogenic place too! You would love it!

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