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The last resort

Greetings from Nepal…wish you were here!

Photo taken in November 2011 at the Thorong-la base camp on the Annapurna Trek at 4450m (14,600 ft).

If there is one dirty, cold hell on earth it was here.  The Thorong-La base camp is in located where air is thin and cold and is a no man’s land.  There is absolutely nothing except this dreary camp where you can rent a freezing room and eat a meal in a room full of stinky fellow trekkers before raising at 3 am to climb up in total darkness to reach the pass, the highest point of the trek (5,416 m/17,769 ft).

I will never forget this place as long as I live.  I was so incredibly cold at night that I pretty much unpacked my backpack and put on everything I had inside including my jacket, wool socks, hat and gloves and still was frozen to the bones.
I was worried about making it the next day over the pass without getting altitude sickness but even more worried about the thought of spending another night in this awful place.  I guess it was the motivation I needed to make it the next day and finally reach a hot shower over 10 hours later!

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