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Mama with baby Babar

Greetings from South Africa…wish you were here!

Photo above taken on safari in Tanda Tula Private Game Reserve located near Kruger National Park, South Africa.

I will never forget my first safari.  It was something I had always dreamed of doing someday and then magically, after having my first child and going through a rough patch of time, I somehow ended up on a safari a year later in South Africa with my Dad.

The first morning we rose early, well before five am and set out as the sun rose over the South African lands looking for elephants.  It didn’t take long until we turned a corner and there they were, an entire herd of 30 or so elephants in all different shapes and sizes.

When I saw the mama elephant with her little baby, I could hardly contain my joy.  For I was a new mother as well at the time and could completely relate to the mama elephant’s love and protection of her offspring.  It was a beautiful sight, one I still remember this day almost six years later.  For a mother’s love is unforgettable and something that will last a lifetime.

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