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Parisian graffiti

Greetings from Paris…wish you were here!


Photo of Parisian graffiti taken near Montmartre in April 2010.

J’adore Paris! C’est magnifique! I spent a semester abroad living in Paris back in the nineties and instantly fell in love with this amazing city. There is always something new to see and something to explore. In fact, getting lost is Paris is the most fun and I could spend months wandering the tree-lined streets and admiring the spectacular architecture and art.

It had been some time since my last visit to Paris. This visit was short but sweet. I spent a night in Paris on my way heading back from Morocco to the states. It was an exhilarating day and night and I had so much fun on my own exploring what had changed and what remained the same. I ate dinner alone at a typical outdoor French cafe near Montmartre, below the Sacre Coeur and saw this graffiti coloring the gray walls. It reminded me why I love Paris so much! You can never tire of things to look at and admire.

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