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The view from the roof in Rabat, Morocco

Greetings from Rabat…wish you were here!


Photo taken from hotel rooftop in April 2011 during a volunteer trip to Rabat, Morocco.

I was initially hesitant to go to Morocco all by myself to volunteer. I had always wanted to go to Morocco and was close to visiting many times. Yet the moment never seemed to be right and it never happened.

Several years before, I even went all the way to the tip of Spain and practically saw Morocco longingly from the Straits of Gibraltar, and wished so bad that I could be there seeing the charms and colors of this mystical place.

Last April, I finally went and was surprised to discover not only how wonderful Morocco is but how safe I felt. It was in the midst of the Arab Spring and there were riots and protests happening all around North Africa. Yet Morocco remained relatively untouched and calm.

I love this photo because it shows the mysterious charms of Morocco. I took it my first morning in Rabat, when I had the day to myself to explore this unknown country. I had no expectations and everything felt surreal.

I adored Morocco and hope I can go back and spend some time in the Sahara or else hiking in the mountains among the Berbers. Ohhh…there is so many places to go!

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