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The icing on the lake

Greetings from Minneapolis…wish you were here!

Lovely neighborhood Lake Harriet in the process of freezing.

It is well past the normal freeze date for the lakes here in Minnesota.  We have plenty.  Well over 13,000 in all.  One of my favorites is Lake Harriet located in Southwest Minneapolis where I run, swim, bike and play at the beach with the kids.  It is only a few blocks from my home and I adore it.

It has been unseasonably warm this December so the lake is behind in freezing.  Each day the ice forms further and further out, and the ducks find a spot at the edge to hang out.  You can hear the ice literally forming as it jingles like glass bells in the wind.  It is quite breathtaking.  Soon the entire lake will be frozen over and home to cross-country skiers, snow-shoe enthusiasts and me!

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