the thirdeyeworld


  1. Gian John Banchero

    As always thank you for including us in your travels… I really, really enjoy that you can bring us from a beautiful sunset in Greece to other far away places where sometimes we wouldn’t find a special charm until you spell it out to us… Not many people would furnish your great photo of the French Concession with its questionable background, I love it from the rust on the bike, the detritus in the background to figuring out just what the recipe might be for the vegetables the cook has in wait. This is the type of traveling (and photos!) that these days I like best of all.

  2. Gian John Banchero

    Pardon me, I should have said cherish instead of “furnish” (where did that come from?) and there should have been quotation marks around questionable. Your photos and columns are certainly far from being questionable… Sorry.

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