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Chicken Soup

Greetings from China…wish you were here!

Photo taken in the outskirts of the Great Wall of China.

I had heard that when you order Chicken Soup in China that you should not be surprised that the foot is included.  After seeing this bag of uncooked chicken feet, I opted to pass on ordering Chicken Soup in China.  (Although perhaps I regret it now as I’ve been told by my readers that the foot is the best part!).

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  1. Gian John Banchero

    Oh my gosh, today I went to an Asian supermarket and bought two pounds of chicken feet to be added to a pot harboring two old hens and vegetables that will eventually end up as a sublime chicken broth… I say “Oh my gosh” because the photo of the feet DOES look a little scary… I’m fairly positive that once the chicken broth is accompanied with rice or pastina and is presented at the table there’ll be no cause for aversion, er, I think…Uh, I hope.

      • Gian John Banchero

        Weeelllll, I did cook up the chickens with the chicken feet, as I took them out my head did “swim” for a moment, suddenly I wished I were a vegetarian. The strained broth is now sitting untasted in the refrigerator waiting to be approached tomorrow with bravery. Maybe I’ll just settle for tofu burgers!

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