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Along the Annapurna Trail

Greetings from the Himalayas…wish you were here!

Photo taken at one of the small villages we passed through during two-week trek along the Annapurna Trail in Nepal. 

As you enter into the mystical Buddhist villages in rural, Himalayan Nepal you are greeted by giant prayer wheels, majestic stupas, colorful prayer flags and the scent of burning juniper.  If you are lucky, you may hear the faint sound of an old Buddhist woman humming in the distance.  It is a place so peaceful and so far removed from everyday life that it is impossible to not become prisoner to its tranquility, beauty and serenity.

Even almost a year later, I can’t seem to get Nepal out of my mind.  She shall forever rest inside my soul, until I return again.

To read more about my travels in Nepal, please visit thirdeyemom.


  1. Gian John Banchero

    “Prisoner to its tranquility”, beautifully stated. My greatest “prisoner” moment (of maybe many) was in an Italian hill top town in 1980 when walking one balmy summer morning behind a 16th century church where I saw a women rolling out dough for pasta, singing along with the birds nested in the church’s steeple as a large electrical storm was heading in our direction from over the Alps… That moment is also resting in my soul, thank you for reminding me about it… And thank you for the wonderful photo (it’s just beautiful) and sharing your sentiments.

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