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City and Flowers

Greetings from Wicker Park…wish you were here!

Photo above taken in Wicker Park, Chicago on 9/24/11.

I love Chicago.  I spent five wonderful years living there from 1995-2000 and even got married there.  I was in Chicago last weekend for a trip through memory lane and was snapping away at anything that grabbed me.  Chicago is a very photogenic city.  The architecture is splendid and there are so many contrasts.  I saw these sunflowers raising to the sky set against the condos and had to take the picture.  What a great town!

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  1. Gian John Banchero

    You are like a beloved family member showing snapshots of what makes the world special to her and then in turn special to all… I ALWAYS look forward to seeing your “family photos”. Thanks so much.

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