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For the love of henna

Greetings from Rabat…wish you were here!



Photo taken of my foot getting henna applied in Rabat, Morocco and the end result on my hand in Paris, France in April 2011.

“When in Rome” is one of my favorite sayings. It is my motto and mentality when traveling. You’ve got to try everything in order to truly experience the culture. While in Morocco, I spent days at the souq, went to the traditional bathhouse and on my last day received henna.

The henna is was applied by my Moroccan friend, on my foot and hand in lovely intricate and detailed art. It was so beautiful! It lasted about two weeks until it slowly began to fade away. It was a fun conversational topic. The only thing I couldn’t stand was the earthy smell to my hand. For some reason, it bugged me!

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  1. Gian John Banchero

    What beautiful art… It’s a shame that henna tattoos aren’t the preference of the young… I just can’t imagine carrying any imagery from my teens into middle-age. Also, your photo of the decaying tree was great… As always, thanks.

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