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Two hours in Paris

Greetings from Paris…wish you were here!


Photo taken on the left bank in April 2010 from my cafe seat.

I was en route to Morocco for a week of volunteering and had an eight hour layover in fabulous Paris. I spent a semester abroad in Paris back in 1993 and have come to love this incredible city with all my heart. I only had eight hours but I had to do it. I grabbed my carry-on bags, jumped the RER and headed straight to my old beloved stop at St. Michel. As I took the escalator up, my heart leaped with excitement and joy. I could hardly wait. It had been ten years.

The escalator lead me up taking me back into time to my youth. Then I saw her…Paris…City of Lights. She was just as beautiful as I had left her. I found the nearest outdoor cafe, grabbed a seat and ordered my adored cafe au lait and savored at this amazing place which I can’t wait to return to someday soon.


  1. Gian John Banchero

    Thank you for the few moments in PARIS… One of the big troubles about being a world traveler is that one (me) tends to fall in love with cities and all their peculiarities (such as one doesn’t find Paris in Rome and vice versa), so what happens is that no matter where I am I’m thinking about another “favorite” city and feel the need to return to it in order to somehow reclaim its magic effect… Now when I win the big Super Lotto I think what my life will be about is constantly traveling from international city to city always being renewed by what made the places magic to me in the first place… Even if it just might be for eight hours such as your latest trip to Paris…. My big “Lotto” dream is to have an apartment in all my favorite cities which would allow me to settle down for long periods of time learning the local cuisines, meeting people, or just noticing the difference is sky coloration and cloud formations. Again thank you for the “coffee break” at the cafe on the wonderful Left Bank…

  2. That sounds like a fabulous idea! I would love it too but I don’t think my kids would yet…they are too young. On a serious note, I do think it would be amazing to revisit places and even live there for a month or so renting an apartment. You’ve got to have dreams! 🙂

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