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Afternoon Monsoon

Greetings from Torreon…wish you were here!


Photo taken mid afternoon in Show Low, Torreon, Arizona.

I’ve been here for only five days now and am already obsessed. Not exactly with the place but with the clouds. I have never seen such wild, intense, creative and spectacular clouds as I’ve seen here in the White Mountains of Arizona. These are special clouds as they are the monsoon clouds that bring much needed rain and water to the mountains, pines, wildlife and flowers along the Mogollon Rim.

The monsoons started early this year on the 23rd of June and are still running strong at the end of August. They are hard to predict, yet usually occur each afternoon. They start by a few, white puffy clouds, then become larger and brighter and brilliant. The colors change from florescent white to hues of pinks, creams, then blues and blacks. The lightening electrifies the air and the thunder crashes. Yet the funny thing is that half of the sky is still sunny and blue. It is quite an unbelievable sight.


  1. Gian John Banchero

    Wow, not only a great picture but-wow-also a great eye!! With the visits you bring us from around the world who needs the National Geographic? Really!! …Keep ’em coming,,, and thank you.

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