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Ride to the Twins Stadium

Greetings from Minneapolis…wish you were here!

Photo above inside the new Target Field Minnesota Twins Stadium, the greenest stadium in the country and built on the smallest footprint possible, located in downtown Minneapolis.  Logo above shows the Minneapolis and St. Paul teams shaking hands over the Mississippi River, which divides the “Twin Cities” (both have their own baseball teams). 

The beautiful grass field is built over sand which recycles all the dirty rain water used on the field and turns it into reusable water.  An amazing feat!

Yesterday my children and I participated in a 15-mile bike ride along the gorgeous scenic city routes of Minneapolis’ biking greenways to the new Twins Stadium built in downtown Minneapolis.  Opened in 2010 costing over $545 million dollars to build, this is the greenest stadium in the nation recycling over 65% of everything used at the field including water, garbage and food.  The LCD screen is big enough to hold an NBA basketball court and has over 1000 different colors.  The tour lasts over an hour and a half, bringing you throughout this incredible work of art as well as the historical artifacts of some of the Twins’ greatest baseball players.

Written by thirdeyemom


    • Believe it or not this was my first visit here. I haven’t seen a game yet and am dying to after the tour. I guess the city lights are wonderful and there is also an open air wine bar!!!!

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