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Morning in Les Deux Alps

Greetings from Les Deux Alps, France….wish you were here!

Photo above taken in Les Deux Alps, France in March 2006.

There is nothing like skiing in the French or Italian Alps.  First, they are so incredibly vast and treeless.  The runs go on forever.  Second, when you finally reach the top via gondola, the snow-capped glorious mountains go as far as the eye can see.  Third, the apres-ski is amazing!  I have never eaten so much amazing, indulging foods after skiing in my life.  I especially enjoyed the pot after pot of cheese fondue finished off with a bottle or two of dry white wine.

My family and I spent a week skiing in Les Deux Alps and the above picture was taken from our hotel window on the first morning of our trip.  I was initially so disappointed to travel so far to get here and be in the clouds.  Yet once we boarded the gondola, I was in for a treat, as it burst through the low-laying cloud cover and displayed a spectacular, bright white surroundings of the Alps against a brilliant blue sky.  Unbelievable.

Written by thirdeyemom

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