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Driving on New Zealand’s South Island

Greetings from the South Island of New Zealand…wish you were here!

Photo taken of Mount Cook in the distance in November 2003 during a two-week driving trip in New Zealand. 

Like many places with huge snow-capped mountains, I fell in love with the charm and beauty of New Zealand’s South Island.  We flew to Christchurch and rented a car, heading directly south towards the picturesque, adventure capital Queenstown.

Along the way, I had to fit hard at my car sickness with all the twists and turns along the way yet the views outside the car window made it all worth the nausea and headache.  Here we stopped to catch a closer look at the majestic snow-covered Mount Cook, the highest mountains in New Zealand across the waters.  We didn’t have time to reach this side of New Zealand, but I am certain it will be a must stop on a future visit.

Written by thirdeyemom

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  1. I so sympathize with the travel sickness! I get it badly too which really sucks as travelers. The worst in my life was in Mongolia when I was vomiting despite the anti-sickness tablets I’d taken!

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