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A weekend at the cabin

Greetings from Lake Cranberry…wish you were here!

Photo taken on August 8, 2011 at 9 pm sunset over Cranberry Lake in Siren, Wisconsin.

There is something spectacular about sunsets, especially in the summer time in the northern Midwest.  We spent the weekend with our family at a friend’s cabin in Siren, Wisconsin on the remote Lake Cranberry and enjoyed the solitude and tranquility of a place with no noise except for the lone loons mystical songs and the cicadas early August drum.  There are only six small cabins on Lake Cranberry and no motor boats are allowed, giving it an incredibly peaceful feel.  I was so relaxed after two days there that I didn’t want to go home.  It is amazing how great it feels to get away from everything and do nothing!

Written by thirdeyemom


  1. Thanks! My friend’s cabin is one of those incredibly beautiful, remote places….just like you’d expect for a cabin in northern WI. It was so peaceful you could hear your echo across the lake while kayaking. Amazing and so relaxing. Funny the wonderful places you can find just right outside your own backyard, huh!

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