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Lovers in Islam

Greetings from Morocco…wish you were here!

Photo above taken on the beach in Rabat, Morocco during a one-week volunteer trip in April 2011.

One day during my stay in Rabat I decided to venture down to the beach, alone, as a Western female visiter.  I had asked my hosts what the beach was like in Rabat as I was very curious to check it out.  They told me to not even bother going to sunbathe as I’d be harassed so much I would last a mere five minutes.  Apparently women do not wear our western-styled bikinis or even one-pieces in Morocco.  Thus a woman dressed in a bathing suit would look extremely promiscuous and inviting to loads of unwanted attention by teenage Moroccan boys.

I strolled along the beach marveling at the freedom of the wind, the sun and the water realizing the irony of this feeling.  Off in the distance there were secret lovers passing their day, fully covered, at the beach.

Written by thirdeyemom

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