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Lost in Iceland’s Wonder

Greetings from Iceland…wish you were here!

Photo above taken en route along the Ring Road to Vik, Iceland in the summer of 2008.

There is something magical about this picture.  The intense greenery of the landscape, the mystical clouds floating carelessly above the rolling hills of the mountains, and the lonely, isolated farmhouse along the beloved Ring Road.  For this is Iceland in all her glory:  Rugged, isolated, and purely sensational.

I spent a week visiting Iceland and fell in love with her nature, her surprising diversity and out of this world beauty.  It is a country without much population where you can roam freely, easily and peacefully.    You can easily become lost in Iceland’s wonder and wish you could simply be here forever, in such a peaceful place full of natural beauty and wonder.

Written by thirdeyemom


    • If you like this one, you should read my Iceland series on I wrote a series of posts on my hiking there and got some great shots. I love to hike too and most of my other posts on thirdeyemom are about hiking trips I’ve taken to different countries. Check it out! Where are you from? I like the idea of 300 hikes in a year! Not much hiking here in Minnesota. That is why I’ve got to travel! 🙂

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