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A little slice of Americana: For the love of the Fourth

Greetings from Northern Minnesota…wish you were here!

Every Minnesotan loves the lake. We better! We have over 13,000 lakes in this state! A long held tradition in Minnesota is to “go up North” for the weekend in the summer. The Fourth of July, being one of the biggest summer holidays in the country, is the perfect reason to head to one of Minnesota’s gorgeous lakes.

We are currently in Nisswa, Minnesota about a two and a half hour drive north of the Twin Cities (of Minneapolis and St. Paul), doing what we love best. Enjoying the great, spectacular outdoors in all her glory.

The sun doesn’t set in this part of the country until well past ten and the sun casts the most glorious shades of pinks, oranges, blues and purples across the sky. The light hits the brilliant blue lakes and creates ripples of pinks and oranges across the water and you can often hear the lonely, tragic call of the Loon (the Minnesota State Bird) echoing across the lake.

The air is fresh and crisp. The water is righteous. It makes the long brutal, cold Minnesota winter all the better to have such paradise in the summer.

A Fourth of July tradition is of course fireworks, boating and ice cream. Here my children are indulging in one of the multitude of delectable flavors (Cotton Candy) at our resort, The Grand View Lodge’s Chocolate Ox.

Oh…the land of the brave and the free! How I love thee!


Written by thirdeyemom

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