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Rebirth in Lima

Greetings from Lima…wish you were here!

Photo taken at gardens outside of the convent of San Francisco in Lima, Peru (November 2001)

We left for our trip to Peru less than two months after the horrific events of September 11th. I’ll never forget that day as long as I shall live. Every American remembers where they were when the first plane struck the Twin Towers in New York. The horror that unfolded over that fateful day and the next couple of days of despair, confusion and pain will forever remain in America’s psyche.

It was hard to imagine getting back on a plane after everything that happened but I had no choice. At the time, I traveled for a living and made two to three flights a month. Going to Peru was even a bit scarier for me as I’d never been to South America and the flight was longer. The visuals of that terrible day remained in my mind as I flew the ten hours from Minneapolis to Lima.

Yet once we arrived, we were rewarded with beautiful Springtime in November. Back at home in Minnesota, the leaves had all fallen, the grass was a mustard yellowish-brown and everything was dead and barren. Visiting Lima in the Spring meant that our surroundings were full of life. For many, Spring represents hope and rebirth. Exactly what our nation needed after the tragic, unforgettable events of September 11.

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