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A visit to the Burg Eltz Castle

Greetings from Germany….wish you were here!

Nestled in the hills above the Moselle River lies the Burg Eltz castle, one of the grandest medieval castles in all of Germany.  Built in the 12th century, Burg Eltz has been owned by the same family for over thirty-three generations. 

During a ten-day trip to Germany we decided to embrace our childhood fantasies and follow the yellow brick road in pursuit of medieval castles.  We saw many lovely castles along the Rhine river and also drove along the infamous “Romantic Road”.  Yet the best castle we found of all was the Burg Eltz.

Finding the castle was part of the fun.  It was not easy to find and several times we almost gave up.  But finally out of nowhere, we saw it off in the distance and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  There she was, as lovely and grand as can be, plopped right on top of a hill sitting as magestic as a queen.  For a splitting instance, I felt like a princess in a fairytale imagining coming home to my palace.  Then I woke up!

Written by thirdeyemom


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