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The mesmerizing beauty of the Cliffs of Moher

Greetings from Ireland….wish you were here!

This picture was taken in 2002 in County Clare, Ireland at the world-famous Cliffs of Moher.   The cliffs rise 390 feet/120 m above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head and reach a little over 700 feet/214 m near O’Brien’s Tower just a few kilometers away. 

I had always wanted to go to Ireland.  When my uncle won a fellowship to teach American History at a university in Dublin I jumped at the chance to visit.  We spent a few fun, alcohol-filled days living it up in Dublin, then hit the jewel of this country:  The glorious, green countryside.

Driving in Ireland is an experience I’ll never forget.  It is one word:  Terrifying!  The narrow, willowy roads hidden by high hedges nearly created a panic attack at every turn and unexpected sighting of a lorry.  But I survived, thankfully, and eventually we made it to the mystical Cliffs of Moher in southwest Ireland.

As you pull up to the cliffs, you have no idea what is awaiting in the distance.  All you can see is the Atlantic Ocean and on a good, clear day (rare in Ireland) you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Aran Islands.   When you finally reach the cliffs and get an understanding of their enormity, your heart skips a beat.  The view is a testament of the wonder and mystery of nature. 

In the distance you can see people meditating on these very cliffs, perhaps what people have done for thousands of years.

Written by thirdeyemom

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