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Praying to the Gods in the mighty Himalayas

Greetings from Pokhara, Nepal….wish you were here!

This photo was taken from the World Peace Pagoda overlooking Pokhara, Nepal, a mid-point stop during the world-famous Annapurna Trek.

After roughing it for two straight weeks, trekking over 100 miles of the Annapurna Trek in Nepal, we were rewarded with the spectacular beauty and awe of the lakeside town of Pokhara.  Set against a backdrop of the impressive snow-capped, mighty Himalayas, there is no place on earth as beautiful as Pokhara.

The view from the World Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist stupa designed to promote world peace across all people and nations, is about as awe-inspiring as it gets.  One instantly feels at peace as the gentle breeze blows silently across your face and your eyes are still as you regard this eternally beautiful view.

Written by thirdeyemom

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