the thirdeyeworld

Introducing…The thirdeyeworld: Postcards and Notes from Around the World

Postcard from Santorini…..wish you were here!

Hello Friends!  Welcome to my new blog the thirdeyeworld! The inspiration behind this blog came from my passion and joy of traveling and learning about the world.  I found that the best part about traveling is what you learn, and as a way of sharing my unique experiences around the world I began my own personal travelblog called thirdeyemom ( back in February 2011.

The last four months have been a whirlwind and I’ve been fortunate to gain many readers and blogger friends through my blog.  I have also found many wonderful blogs that I follow daily myself which is the inspiration behind thirdeyeworld.

Why not pull together all the travelers out there into one blog and share their unique travel adventures with the world?  The thirdeyeworld is an attempt to do just that!  To pull together “postcards and notes” from the best travel bloggers and writers out there in simple, quick and easy-to-read posts that can be enjoyed by armchair travelers right at the convenience of your home!   Although this is just the beginning and may take awhile to build, I am hoping slowly over time it catches fire and thirdeyeworld postcards are being shared around the world.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


Comments always welcome and appreciated!

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