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Picture taken on the Greek Island of Santorini, July 2000, on my honeymoon.  I’m in my element doing the things I love best: Traveling, Writing and enjoying the wonders of life.  This is the photo that has always inspired me to write.  In this picture, I am writing in my journal, plotting out my future dreams and goals as a newlywed.  Besides having a family, traveling and writing a book one day are two other important goals.  My hope with this blog is to inspire others to dream big, see the world and experience the world by using the third-eye approach, which means opening up your eyes and seeing it all, in a non-judgmental way.  I hope you enjoy!

About thirdeyemom:

I  am a stay-at-home mom who also happens to be an avid writer, traveler and volunteer.  I studied French and International Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, lived in France, and have wandered to over 30 countries.  I reside in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and two young children.

I currently write three blogs:  www.thirdeyemom.com, www.thethirdeyeworld.com and http://diaryofahappymom.wordpress.com/ and am a frequent contributor to www.worldmomsblog.com.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

18 thoughts on “About thirdeyemom

    • Yes it is true, writing can happen anywhere can’t it? Santorini was almost 12 years ago now! My honeymoon Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it!

  1. Because I loved your posts so much (and hope you do more) I’ve nominated you as a great blogger in “Capture the Color”. Your photos are amazing. Keep it up.

    • Wow, I am so honored! That is very kind of you! I actually just did this challenge on my other blog “Thethirdeyeworld” a few weeks back. If you have a chance, check it out: http://www.thethirdeyeworld.com. Thank you so much for the truly flattering words and encouragement! :) I am so glad that people like you enjoy my blog!

      • Wow I just looked at it and it is AWESOME. I’m new to blogging and mainly doing it for family as I have so overcrowded facebook with photo albums and other stuff. I love the angles you chose and the photos as well. I’m only starting to get really into photography and am considering taking a class on editing. My next post I will be working at will be start in Sept of 2013 and will be in Kathmandu, Nepal so I super love your colors album. Great work. Very awesome.

      • Wow, you are going to Nepal?! How wonderful! What are you going to be doing there? I started blogging because I felt like I was already doing it in a sense once I returned from a trip. I got inspired and decided to give it a whirl. A year and a half later here I am still blogging and almost 500 posts on thirdeyemom! I have loved it as I’ve met so many wonderful friends and have found so many amazing opportunities through it. I also love to read other peoples blogs as well. It is so much fun! :)

      • Same for me as well. I find the more posts i read the more inspired I become. I want to figure out more about adding photos to my blog as that’s what I really started blogging to do. The photos you put up are great and so well done. I don’t want to get too fancy but I love looking at photo blogs and reading about the travels that went with the pictures and I have photo envy.. haha.. when I go to Nepal I will be working at the U.S. embassy.. was an amazing opportunity that I jumped on and so far loving it. Dream job for someone who lives to travel.

    • Why thank you! I would love to accept this but I already have done it before. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I truly appreciate it and congratulations to you as well for receiving the award on your blog! :)

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  3. l’m taking my family (total of 12) to Cuba next week. [Dec. 23rd, 2014] My friend Rich Flodd sent me you blog on this country. I think it’s the best I have read or seen in my investigation of this place. Thank you so much for the beautiful pixs and insights into Cuba.

    Jerrold Michaels

    • Wonderful! Lucky you! You will love Cuba! Embrace the live music, the warm air and hospitality of the people. Cuba is one of my favorite places. Very special indeed! Have a wonderful time! :) I’m sure you will!

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